As a Leader it is important to always keep your people as your priority.  You need to remember that your business or organization is great or not, based on the way you treat your people.  This is a different age,  If you dont treat your people well, eventually you will regret it and it will come back to hurt you and your business or organization.  Many Leaders forget that their people are the company!

Things not to do to your employees:

  • Threaten them in order to get a result: This will give you a temporary result but in the end, this will reverse itself to create more negative results prior to threatening them.  This creates employees who will be against you and the organization.  Why? If you are a Dictating type Leader, your employees will not be loyal to you, they will be loyal to their income and nothing more. They will sense that you are a leader, interested more in your self, then your people. And Remember your people happen to be your company. True Leadership builds influence with their people and creates Great Teams! There are many ways to get results with out threatening your people, one of the many ways is: Getting your team to buy in! When they buy in, your Goals are now theirs.  Learn true results from the Law of Buy-In!
  • Pay them Late or discounting their pay for any little mistake:  Paying employees late is a big No-No!! This creates animosity and kills morale.  If you are going to pay your people late or not on time, let them know in advance and explain why! They usually will support you if you are truly trying to do the right thing.  (General Motors went through a tough time and sat with their employees and explain their situation.  The employees supported them and now the company is stronger than ever!!)  Be smart and treat your people as the priority not as “Well they can wait”…This is a huge mistake, don’t ever take the route that your people are secondary and are not a priority.  Also discounting employees for not performing or for making a mistake is the worst thing you can do for morale.  It is also an environment where employees are worried about making any mistakes! To the point that if they do, they end up not saying anything and you have now created an environment of “No Trust”
  • Disciplining employees in front of other employees.  This is terrible. It be-littles them and brings no true result, except true resentment towards you.  Discipline in private only and Praise in public.  Build your people up, dont tear them down.  When disciplining, the true point of the discipline: To get them to understand and create change in their performance. They should feel the impact of what they have done(in order to truly learn or understand) but you should never leave them feeling incomplete, nor dwelling in the mistake.  They should be left with a true understanding of what is expected of them and how their performance can effect the organization.  Once they understand, now its your time as a Leader to put them back on their feet and get them re-motivated to take on the task and make it happen and make sure when they do create what you want from them, that you acknowledge them for doing such, with real positive feedback. Leaders lets build great teams, not mediocre organization that just get by!
    • Don’t lie to your people and give them false hope, just so you can keep them working for you and take advantage of how good they are.  They will eventually get, that all you care about is you!  One example would be “Keep working hard and I will get you promoted” or “I am working on your Raise” meanwhile knowing you have no power to do so or you will not do so, and the real goal, is just to make you look good.  You will loose in the end.  As a Leader you will loose one of the most important pieces to creating Influence with your people…. you will loose your Trust and Integrity!! You might get some satisfaction as a a promotion by using people…but in the end all will know you are not to be trusted and it will come back at you, at some point. Build trust with your people. Don’t Lie for a temporary result!

I can add more to this list but before i do…Work on not doing any of these bad practices.  Work on building your employees and learn to create positive influence with your people and you will gain loyalty, great teams and will create an incredible organization….and Remember your people are a major key to increasing sales and profitability……To Learn how to transform your organization and explode your sales…. Sign up on our page for a free 30 minute coaching.