Very Important Keys to High Sales and Profits

As I walk through a park in Medellin, Colombia.. I am reminded, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you hire bad employees, service to your customers will be exactly that, bad!!!! Whether you are involved in Restaurant – Retail – Sales Recruiting, it all falls back into leadership.  You hire good or bad attitudes.  They don’t just show up, You already contracted them. If you hire ducks you get ducks, if you hire eagles you get eagles. A few signs to look for when recruiting great employees:

1. When the candidate walks in, are they smiling? or are they Serious? This is really important. If they are serious and they only smile for you during the interview and not when they walk in, that means, chances are.. its more of an act, then who they really are, about 95% anyway. So that should be your first sign. If they smile when they walk in and have a natural smile, in most case that is a great initial sign.  Smiles tend to come with good attitudes.  Of course this is just one of many signs that you must use in order to eliminate those who will help your business or organization.

2. The second sign is the way the candidate walks. Your probably saying: What!!!??? When you call them in to the interview room or office, watch how they walk: Do they walk slowly and lethargic? Or Do they walk with energy and a pep to their step? If they walk lethargic and slow, chances are thats exactly how they will work as well.  In most cases the way a person walks is tied into the way they mentally process everything. Again this is in 95% of the cases.   So if they walk slowly and appear to be lethargic and you are in retail, sales or the restaurant industry these are the people you do not hire.

3. If you hRestaurant - Retail - Sales Recruiting ?ire Ducks, you will have Ducks.  If you hire Eagles, you will have Eagles.  You can not hire a Duck and decide that you will send them to Eagle school and expect them to become Eagles.  How can they? they are ducks!! You need to truly commit to hiring Great employees.  That means it might take time.  When you hire with urgency, you will always hire the wrong type of employee.  When Hiring it must be thorough and do not waver from what you are looking for.  There are more details to look for but the three we speak about here are extremely important are the basic yet extremely important(probably the most ignored in the interview process) and can help you get over other issues in the hiring process.

By the Way if you yourself, as a Leader, are not an example of the Great Qualities of a Great Employee… Great Smile, Great Attitude, Walk with a Sense of Urgency or a Pep in your walk, How can you hire those type of Employees? Food for thought.

If you are in an area or country with low unemployment this becomes more critical.  In a country like Panama, Germany… to name a few, where unemployment is under 3%, hiring Eagles becomes more difficult, but is absolutely achievable.  You must be even more adamant in these cases.  The problem with most companies, they are not willing to commit to this process or invest in the time and people.. and in the end, they suffer dearly.  Their sales and profits drop dramatically and the cost is astronomical to the company, much more then it would have been initially, if they just committed to the process. I have done this time and time again in the U.S.A., now that I have been working out of Panamá, I have proven several times that you can hire great employees, and you can create Great Service and a very profitable business and at the same time.. create a great environment for Employees.  We can help you do the same. Commit to the process!!!!!