PANAMA, PUT “L” BACK INTO LEADERSHIP,  I have interviewed and spoken to dozens of employees Managers, Leaders, Executives and Business owners from Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Columbia and the differences of the management styles have been very interesting.

There is a huge gap between how Leadership handles their employees. One of the biggest issue I have seen, which will be the topic of this article, is how Leaders and management in Central America view their employees.

This certainly does not apply to every company and person,  but it applies to a high percentage of leaders. Many view their employees like they view economic classes, they are below them and this causes a major problem in the smooth operation of their business.

The Leaders who think like this create a huge gap right in the middle of their business or organization. How? It creates what I call a “Stop”.

What is a “Stop”? – It is all the little things mentally that stops your employees from trying to take ownership, improve, develop and work harder to move up within the company.

stop sign PANAMA, PUT L BACK INTO LEADERSHIP In other words it stops upward mobility and motivation of your employees. Even though you might want your employees to take ownership, work towards moving up, mentally they have stopped thinking of moving upward. They just concentrate on conforming to your ways.

Once this occurs there is now a “Stop” mentally in your organization. By the way, you might be moving employees up to managers in your organization and you are still wondering why you dont have real Leaders in your organization? The answer is simple Because the Manager position is just a job in the eyes of your employees, another way just to make a little more money and to look better in your eyes!(there is still a “Stop” mentally in their minds).

  Panama, Put “L” Back Into Leadership

Lets just take a quick look why organizations and people keep this split of “Social Class” mentality in their minds and organizations:

  1. Culture: this is the way it has been for years and no one is going to change it(Attitude)
  2. Insecurity: More than anything this is the biggest reason. It brings a false allusion of being better and in the persons own mind being of the elite (The mind of being Royalty, Yes there are those who still want to feel they are of another Anointing).
  3. Peer pressure by the people of your so call class wanting things to stay the same.

More than anything these people must realize at some point this mentality will come crashing down on you and can eventually destroy your business and your organization.

It is a different world today. New Technology, New Social medias, New way of communicating, and it requires a A NEW THOUGHT PROCESS!

Some thoughts about how to Start the Change:

  1. Realize change is coming and if you are not ahead of this change it will swallow you up and destroy your organization.
  2. As true leaders you must internalize and see where your organization stands on these issues. This is the toughest part of being a Great Leader. Looking at yourself, your organization and seeing the truth of who you are as a person and an organization.
  3. Start looking at your employees as the most important part of your organization and you will start to see them differently. Invest in your people and you invest in your organization in ways you couldn’t imagine.
  4. Start a program of personal development in Leadership and Life skills. This is important for everyone of your people including yourself. The best Leaders in the world are still in the process of Learning and Growing. This never stops.

Some thoughts on Change with employees:

  1. include them in overall communication about the companies goals.
  2. Treat them with respect.
  3. Empower your people.
  4. Do not threaten your employees. This is an old school thought process that now creates a very negative response from your employees.
  5. More than anything let your employees know you care about them.
  6. Develop your managers into Good leaders by training them in Leadership. Leaders are not born they are developed and Leadership is a process.

I can continue to give much more details on how to create the process of change and you can email me at or send me a personal message on FB or Tweet me @ECoachRodriguez….but remember change first starts with you.

James is a reknown specialist in Executive Development and Leadership, a savvy businessman, educator, and trainer. James is in high demand as a business management consultant, evaluating and developing management and sales systems to take business’s to the next level.  He is one of the active partners that has brought to Panama, the Action in Panama business network and the internet marketing firm Optimized Marketing Strategies which specializes in taking business to the next level using Internet technologies.  James and his partners are available for speaking engagements and company trainings and can be reached PTY: 507-270-2396 and US: 888-224-2673 or