People are not things

“By reducing other people to the status of things, we think we can better control them. That’s why companies refer to their employees by the ironic term “human resources,” as though they were just another liability on the balance sheet, like taxes or accounts payable. That’s why most people in most organizations are seen only in terms of their function, even though they posses far more creativity, resourcefulness, ingenuity, intelligence, and talent than their jobs require or even allow! The opportunity cost of seeing people only as things is very high. No balance sheet shows the astonishing size of the locked-up potential of people and their capacities.” The 3rd Alternative, By Stephen R. Covey
Leaders who truly understand this, are those who go to great heights and accomplish great results for all.

Lead, but Lead Profoundly!!! No Great Leader is ever remembered for the amount of Money or the amount of assets they acquired, they are remembered in How they Led their Organizations and/or People and how they effected those around them. They added value to those who follow.  Ask yourself this one question: Are you adding value to your people and those around you?
Are you really adding value to your people??
Do your people feel content and happy to be following you and do they love being part of your organization? Or are they following you, only for the money?

When you look at some of the Greats like Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, etc., you will find, that they could give up all their wealth, start all over again, and all of their core people will stick with them and do it again. Why? Money? No!!!!The trust of their Leader and the Journey!! And the Feeling of creating and accomplishing something great!!! And when you do that, the money follows anyway!!!!

Lead, but Lead Profoundly!! James “Coach” Rodriguez