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Very Important Keys to High Sales and Profits

As I walk through a park in Medellin, Colombia.. I am reminded, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you hire bad employees, service to your customers will be exactly that, bad!!!! Whether you are involved in Restaurant – Retail – Sales Recruiting, it all falls back into leadership.  You hire good or bad attitudes.  They don’t just show up, You already contracted them. If you hire ducks you get ducks, if you hire eagles you get eagles. A few signs to look for when recruiting great employees:

1. When the candidate walks in, are they smiling? or are they Serious? This is really important. If they are serious and they only smile for you during the interview and not when they walk in, that means, chances are.. its more of an act, then who they really are, about 95% anyway. So that should be your first sign. If they smile when they walk in and have a natural smile, in most case that is a great initial sign.  Smiles tend to come with good attitudes.  Of course this is just one of many signs that you must use in order to eliminate those who will help your business or organization.

2. The second sign is the way the candidate walks. Your probably saying: What!!!??? When you call them in to the interview room or office, watch how they walk: Do they walk slowly and lethargic? Or Do they walk with energy and a pep to their step? If they walk lethargic and slow, chances are thats exactly how they will work as well.  In most cases the way a person walks is tied into the way they mentally process everything. Again this is in 95% of the cases.   So if they walk slowly and appear to be lethargic and you are in retail, sales or the restaurant industry these are the people you do not hire.

3. If you hRestaurant - Retail - Sales Recruiting ?ire Ducks, you will have Ducks.  If you hire Eagles, you will have Eagles.  You can not hire a Duck and decide that you will send them to Eagle school and expect them to become Eagles.  How can they? they are ducks!! You need to truly commit to hiring Great employees.  That means it might take time.  When you hire with urgency, you will always hire the wrong type of employee.  When Hiring it must be thorough and do not waver from what you are looking for.  There are more details to look for but the three we speak about here are extremely important are the basic yet extremely important(probably the most ignored in the interview process) and can help you get over other issues in the hiring process.

By the Way if you yourself, as a Leader, are not an example of the Great Qualities of a Great Employee… Great Smile, Great Attitude, Walk with a Sense of Urgency or a Pep in your walk, How can you hire those type of Employees? Food for thought.

If you are in an area or country with low unemployment this becomes more critical.  In a country like Panama, Germany… to name a few, where unemployment is under 3%, hiring Eagles becomes more difficult, but is absolutely achievable.  You must be even more adamant in these cases.  The problem with most companies, they are not willing to commit to this process or invest in the time and people.. and in the end, they suffer dearly.  Their sales and profits drop dramatically and the cost is astronomical to the company, much more then it would have been initially, if they just committed to the process. I have done this time and time again in the U.S.A., now that I have been working out of Panamá, I have proven several times that you can hire great employees, and you can create Great Service and a very profitable business and at the same time.. create a great environment for Employees.  We can help you do the same. Commit to the process!!!!!

As a Leader it is important to always keep your people as your priority.  You need to remember that your business or organization is great or not, based on the way you treat your people.  This is a different age,  If you dont treat your people well, eventually you will regret it and it will come back to hurt you and your business or organization.  Many Leaders forget that their people are the company!

Things not to do to your employees:

  • Threaten them in order to get a result: This will give you a temporary result but in the end, this will reverse itself to create more negative results prior to threatening them.  This creates employees who will be against you and the organization.  Why? If you are a Dictating type Leader, your employees will not be loyal to you, they will be loyal to their income and nothing more. They will sense that you are a leader, interested more in your self, then your people. And Remember your people happen to be your company. True Leadership builds influence with their people and creates Great Teams! There are many ways to get results with out threatening your people, one of the many ways is: Getting your team to buy in! When they buy in, your Goals are now theirs.  Learn true results from the Law of Buy-In!
  • Pay them Late or discounting their pay for any little mistake:  Paying employees late is a big No-No!! This creates animosity and kills morale.  If you are going to pay your people late or not on time, let them know in advance and explain why! They usually will support you if you are truly trying to do the right thing.  (General Motors went through a tough time and sat with their employees and explain their situation.  The employees supported them and now the company is stronger than ever!!)  Be smart and treat your people as the priority not as “Well they can wait”…This is a huge mistake, don’t ever take the route that your people are secondary and are not a priority.  Also discounting employees for not performing or for making a mistake is the worst thing you can do for morale.  It is also an environment where employees are worried about making any mistakes! To the point that if they do, they end up not saying anything and you have now created an environment of “No Trust”
  • Disciplining employees in front of other employees.  This is terrible. It be-littles them and brings no true result, except true resentment towards you.  Discipline in private only and Praise in public.  Build your people up, dont tear them down.  When disciplining, the true point of the discipline: To get them to understand and create change in their performance. They should feel the impact of what they have done(in order to truly learn or understand) but you should never leave them feeling incomplete, nor dwelling in the mistake.  They should be left with a true understanding of what is expected of them and how their performance can effect the organization.  Once they understand, now its your time as a Leader to put them back on their feet and get them re-motivated to take on the task and make it happen and make sure when they do create what you want from them, that you acknowledge them for doing such, with real positive feedback. Leaders lets build great teams, not mediocre organization that just get by!
    • Don’t lie to your people and give them false hope, just so you can keep them working for you and take advantage of how good they are.  They will eventually get, that all you care about is you!  One example would be “Keep working hard and I will get you promoted” or “I am working on your Raise” meanwhile knowing you have no power to do so or you will not do so, and the real goal, is just to make you look good.  You will loose in the end.  As a Leader you will loose one of the most important pieces to creating Influence with your people…. you will loose your Trust and Integrity!! You might get some satisfaction as a a promotion by using people…but in the end all will know you are not to be trusted and it will come back at you, at some point. Build trust with your people. Don’t Lie for a temporary result!

I can add more to this list but before i do…Work on not doing any of these bad practices.  Work on building your employees and learn to create positive influence with your people and you will gain loyalty, great teams and will create an incredible organization….and Remember your people are a major key to increasing sales and profitability……To Learn how to transform your organization and explode your sales…. Sign up on our page for a free 30 minute coaching. 

Franchises in general are a safe way to start a business. Why? Because in most cases they have built a proven business model that works and is in most cases, duplicatable and through strategic marketing have created a good name for their brand. They have also put systems in place that show you step by step on how to operate that business(even if you have no experience whatsoever). Most Franchises have support teams in place to help you get started and they have everything from Operations Manuals, to Human Resources Manuals to Local Marketing Manuals, and more.

Now if you happen to be that lucky person or business(small percentage 5%) that happens to get a great location for that franchise company, you will get off to a fast start and create a successful business right out of the gate. Another fast start out of the gate (with proper marketing) would be if you happen to be the first to provide that new service or product in your area (where the want is great for those services or products).

The problem is in most cases, whether you get off to a fast start or not, most franchisees after a year or so and sometimes sooner tend to trend downward in sales. I have even seen franchises start a downward turn after 3 or 4 years of successful increases and never return to those great sales they use to have. The following are questions many Franchisees begin to ask themselves:

  • WHY?
  • What is wrong?
  • Is it the Franchise Corporation itself? They don’t support me enough! They don’t do enough Marketing! They don’t understand our culture here!
  • Is it my people? Do I need to change my Managers?(By the way these are great questions ask yourself, but many times if you are finding yourself changing your team frequently, guess what, they are not the problem)
  • Is there more competition? (This is also another great question, but your real competition should be yourself)
  • Is it my Location?
  • and many more………..

The biggest question most Franchisees forget to ask: Is it me?? The biggest obstacle old and new franchisees face happens to be in the area of Leadership. Which happens to effect every area of your business, more importantly it effects your bottom line more than most Leaders can even imagine or want to understand. You may have the systems in place from the franchise, but the culture is created by the owners and the Leaders of that Organization. I have even seen franchises who have some decent results financially have terrible cultures and not even be aware of it. They could have more than decent results, they can turn themselves into a Good to Great company. Just by creating a different culture of Leadership.

Corporate Franchise companies have fail the Franchisee in this area, The area of Leadership! They teach you the systems but they fail to teach you how to lead your people. How to develop your people..How to actually look for great people. The franchisor will throw you more systems in place to hire people. Which in effect help you to hire people but do not help you to teach how to Lead. Many Franchise Corporations struggle internally with their own leadership and their own cultures. They try to help you by giving you cliches like Hire Eagles not Ducks. Well this could be a problem if you have no idea on how to tell the difference between an Eagle and a Duck and believe me many do not. And there is only one Way to find Eagles, you yourself must be one. I can continue on this topic on how to find Eagles because I have developed many and continue to find and develop Eagles and would share with you more on that another day.

So why do many Franchisees have a problem of asking the very question: “Is it me and the culture I am creating that is effecting my very business?” (By the way a Great Question for All Leaders who are struggling in their business or organization to Ask!) HERE WE GO…BE OPEN TO THIS AND YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS CAN START TO TRANSFORM…..

  1. The owner doesn’t have an idea of how to gage this.
  2. Ego!!! They have some success already in their lives and their Ego gets in the way of True Success!!!…”My People respond to me and do what I ask and always are working hard for me!”….(The fact are the owner and that’s what all normal people do….doesn’t mean you are a great Leader that creates true influence with your people. They might work when you or your management team is around but are they taking ownership when you or your team is not around! Are they going the extra mile for the company…to help you build your business) Great Leadership creates that!
  3. “The Franchise Company provides me with all the support I need”. They provide you with the systems to run their program…what they don’t supply you with is the skills of Leadership….which thankfully can be learned by those who truly want to make a difference.
  4. The owner or company might have won some awards from the company and now feel that they don’t need to look inward…these are usually the hardest people to convince that they might have some company culture issues. The truth is..Franchise Corporations that are struggling can give Franchisees a false feeling of being great when in fact they are great in a company that could be very mediocre or worst….So they themselves might truly limit the true Sales capacity of that Franchisee because they themselves do not know what it is to be a great company. So you end up having a Franchisee who eventually will struggle.
  5. The Owners have a hard time reflecting on themselves….

The great news is that you can transform yourself and your company and that it is never too late. The first step in this process: is to be completely open to suggestions and not to take anything personal…This is the hardest part for owners of Franchises..but if you are open to transformation you will see an Increase in Sales, Increase in Profits, an environment that promotes Leadership as well as personal development and with consistency and persist-ency to continue the process…..a company that will go from one level to another and eventually…from Good to Great…All depends in where you are at in the process…

So if you are struggling to hit your projected sales or projected profits or you are truly struggling in your business and do not want to give up…or you are struggling with people issues or…You need help to rebuild your reputation as a company. We Can help you transform you and your company….Our Goal is nothing short of getting you results and adding value to all we come in contact with..Email me us at or call and ask for Coach at 888-224-2673(USA), 507- 270-2396 (Panama) Doesn’t matter where you are in the world. .Leadership is Leadership!!!

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