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There is a major paradigm shift happening in the marketing world, as we speak. That movement is from offline to online advertising and marketing. This shift is moving faster than a speeding bullet.

Our sister company Optimized Marketing Strategies, LLC has been one of the top internet Marketing strategy and services company in the marketplace since 1995. I work very closely with OMS, and I highly recommend them to all my clients.

Having them in your corner will prove to be an extremely valuable asset to your business growth. They gauge their success by the return they provide you for your investment in their services.  Increasing your bottom-line, generating more leads, obtaining more customers is what they are all about.

Through our close association, I have also arranged discounted prices for all of my clients and I guarantee that they will do what it takes to earn your trust and out perform any other company in the marketplace.

How Sales Have Changed

There has been a major paradigm shift in the sales process with the advent of the internet, social media and smart phone technology which has permeated every nook and cranny of our lives.

It affects every process along the way, from:

  • The prospect entering the conventional sales funnel
  • Interacting with your sales person to
  • 80% of the customers researching their problem online and looking for solutions, before they even interact with your sales people.

The reality is that any business owner who does not learn the overall concepts and language of Internet Marketing and then implements these concepts effectively will be signing their businesses death certificate.

In the next 5 years, if you do not have a commanding presence on the internet – and a concentrated mobile presence your business will not be able to maximize profits, and may not even survive. PERIOD.

It is absolutely mandatory that you jump on the bandwagon ahead of the curve.

The choice is yours……

The facts remain that, Search engines like Google and Bing, the social phenomena, and Mobile have radically changed the buying processes and you have to quickly adjust or get left in the dust with no way to catch up.

Intelligent Entrepreneurs have recognized this shift and are positioning themselves ahead of the curve.

Are You Ahead Of the Curve,
OR Miles Down the Road?


Wouldn’t it make sense for you to jump on the bandwagon before your competitor does? Developing an internet presence that catapults your business to the next level takes many ingredients in the right quantity and quality to maximize your results.

Like a cake, if you leave out ingredients or double some ingredients and put less of others — you might end up with a cake – but no one will eat it, in fact, it might not even be recognizable as a cake.

Taking that analogy, clients who are educated in our concepts and strategies, appreciate that cake analogy, and allow us to add all the necessary ingredients in the recipe, even though they might think those elements are not needed.

We know for a fact, that an educated client is a better client and easier to work with and we obtain far greater results because:  It allows us to earn your trust and provide value to your organization during the education process while proving the value of our association.

Your conceptual picture of an effective online marketing campaign that will bring a substantial return on investment is expanded to match reality. You now understand that it is a complex network of elements that must be integrated, not only technically, but psychological elements, and key methodologies.

You learn that with all the variables and complexities, it takes true expertise in numerous skill sets to maximize  your Return on investment. You become a  true believer in the  potential of online marketing and the exponential return on investment that is possible.

The hardest part of implementing a successful internet presence that maximizes the clients ROI, is getting the client to agree that they need all the  ingredients, quality, and quantity and that they are absolutely necessary.


Let Optimized Marketing Strategies LLC.
Take Your Business To The Next level

Optimization Marketing Strategies (OMS) is an International Business Services firm that is presently launching the Action in Network – The Leading Educational Social Network of Online Business Directories. OMS core business is providing Consulting, Business Services, Internet Marketing Services, Education and Training to small & medium size business organizations including:

    • Strategy, development, and implementation of IM systems
    • Traffic generation and conversion
    • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization,
    • Social Media: implementation, integration and management,
    • Viral Social Media Applications
    • Mobile Sites and Mobile Marketing Strategies and Applications
    • Developing Cross Marketing and Joint Venture Opportunities

Our Three Owners have over 125 years business and marketing experience as Owners, Consultants, and Trainers to wide and diversified base of industries. Specializing in:

  • Team Building,
  • Establishing Company Goals and Culture
  • Enhancing leadership,
  • Management and sales skills,
  • Developing Automated Systems
  • Developing duplicate-able internal systems,
  • Establishment of sales systems – funnels and follow through processes which is what makes or breaks most organizations

Our  Chief Technologist has managed or consulted many large scale Informational technology projects since 1972 for a wide range of Fortune 500 & 100 companies in the US and Canada.

Since 1995, we have developed many large scale internet marketing systems and have become one of the foremost experts in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Internet marketing specializing in:

  • Increasing customer sales and customer base
  • Building lead generation sales systems
  • Developing Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Traffic Generation and conversion through SEO and SEM
  • Effective utilization and integration of Social Media and Mobile telephony.

 We are not technical geeks with no actual real business experience marketing. We are business men and marketers by trade who have become specialist in the online arena, being leaders since 1995.  We are not academics – we have been in the trenches for years.

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