Why Struggle For Scraps When
You Can Become a World Class Leader
Who Is Capable of Creating
6 and 7 -Figure Businesses…


coachingIf you had just  inherited $10 million, but in order to get the money you needed a key to unlock the security box.  The problem is that the key is in a cave at the top of Mount Everest. Unless you have been a mountain climber for years and have been intensely training for the journey, the odds of you reaching the top without extensive training and coaching are close to impossible.

The reason so many people fail in life and business is because they approach monumental tasks and goals on their own, without the knowledge and experience, a lack of training, and an experienced coach to guide you through the mine fields of the challenge.

That’s where we come in…

Coach Rodriguez and our team have consulted with Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations and have guided hundreds of students to greater levels of success.

Now it is your turn.

We will tailor a custom program for you and/or your company. Due to our schedules we can only work with a handful of clients and prefer to create a year long program to help you achieve maximum long-term benefits and results.

We can also do an all day strategy session with your entire team if required. Prices will vary based on the program selected.

If you are interested in having us work one-on-one with you and your company please complete the application form below and we will get back to you shortly and see if there is a good match.

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With the Platinum Mentoring Program You Get:

  • 10 Coaching Calls(One On One, Skype or Phone)
  • Pre and Post work Material
  • Assistance in mapping out your goals and plans, followed by guidance as you proceed along the path we jointly agree to
  • Create a Plan of action to get you to the level of Influence.
  • Assistance in coaching your leaders and creating true momentum in your business and or organization
  • Free critiques of your sales letters, websites and/or marketing material created by you. We will jointly refine, tweak and test your copy.
  • Where needed, matching you up with appropriate partners who are also mentoring clients. We do this for leverage, but this is only possible in certain situations. You may be in a niche where it’s not practical.
  • Assist in creating programs to overcome Sales and Leadership obstacles.
  • Guidance in generating initial flow of buyer-based website traffic and evaluating conversion metrics utilizing our OMS partnership.
  • Periodic reviews of your Leadership progression and your business strategy.
  • An opportunity to set up joint ventures and projects with me, if appropriate. Most of my larger joint ventures will be set up with clients simply because I will know them, their capabilities, and their mindset better than I will that of a stranger.
  • Access to some of my personal technical systems that you can take and apply for your own use (i.e. membership setups, sales processes, etc.) from a true 7-figure business.
  • Access to my Team of Marketing and Sales Experts.
  • Someone to hold you accountable for following up on your OWN goals and plans as well as your Leadership development.
  • A follow up call 30 days after your session ends.
  • All for Only $995

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If you do not need the full Platinum Mentoring Program, I offer the following One-on-One Consultation solutions:

1/2 Hour Telephone Consultation $500
1 Hour Telephone Consultation $900
Month-to-Month Consultation: Unlimited telephone and email consultations provided you take action between sessions. In-person sessions if we’re in the same locations, such as at seminars. $5000/Month
Review of Your Info Project: I review your informational product and your proposed marketing plan/material, offering feedback and advice. $2000
Review of Your Software Project: I review your software and your proposed marketing plan/material, offering feedback and advice. $2000

 Note: You will be invoiced once you are accepted as a client.

The term of the coaching agreement is negotiable and is renewable. Rates vary depending on your program and your goals.

Payment is expected at the time of Agreement. An interview is required before you can be accepted as a client.

Telephone consultations may also be conducted via email, Skype or in-person if you prefer. In-person consultations are best arranged in relation with my attendance at seminars and conferences.